April 2021;

We have Puppies from Aust Ch Pendoric Miss Perewinkle (Miss P ) & Pendoric One N Only Of Eirean (AI) “Louis”

Miss P & Babies                                       

Sasha & Red Rum ….. We got the gorgeous “Hero”.

 Photo below Rum with daughter “Hero”


Caylee & Troy ……. “Miss P”stayed with us  

“Titan”.. (Qld)    “Toffee”.. Hong Kong  “Kalani” Little Boy… Hawaii 


Photos to come:

Amer, Can & Aust Supreme Ch Northwinds Clash Of the Titans (Imp USA) “TROY”








New litter born 17/04/2015

Sire : Aust Ch Avon Farm Stars N Stripes

Dam Pendoric Playn Wiv Secrets.

Today 20/06/15 Kids playing outside in the cold Melbourne day !!





Well we have been resting on our laurels for awhile, basking in the reflective glory of our breeding which has been doing so exceptionally well in Europe & surrounding Countries.

After some unfortunate luck with missed matings, singleton puppies & spayed bitches we now have a most promising litter & some new young “super” show animals.

Eireannmada Red Rum (From “Foggy” & “Merry”)

Pendoric Girl On Fire (From “Arwen” & “Austin”)

& of course these new babies from “Caylee” & “Rauri”






Show News 2012

 2 titles in one week…..August 2012

“Redmond aka Pendoric Rustic Red KA is now an Australian Champion &
“Foggy” Aust Grand Ch Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric is now a SUPREME Champion & semi retired.

Both litter brothers “Jake” Aust Ch Pendoric Red N Smokin

 & “Josh” Aust Ch Pendoric Phenomenal

now Best In Group winners @ less than 18 mths old.


Melvin” wins BOB @ The World Dog Show in Salzburg !!!

Another  super achievement for “Melvin” Int Ch Pendoric Foggy Perfection .

Melvin has added this super win to his growing list of achievements both Internationally & locally .

A Multiple Best In Group winner he is a fabulous ambassador for “Pendoric” in Sweden & Europe.

March 2010

Young Jake is now an Aust Ch @ just on 15 mths of age. Consistently holding his own against more mature animals he displays many attributes we admire in our lovely breed.

“Arwen” another “Carina” youngster finished off her Aust Ch title also in March. 

Both “Jake” & “Arwen” represented “Pendoric” @ the TOP DOG night held just recently in Melbourne. This show was a contest for Best In Show & Puppy In Show winners.

Summer is here with a vengence atm so attending shows are spasmodic. We have had a couple of lovely wins with

“Fog” (BOB @ Vic Womans KC ) Judge was an UK Gundog specialist

“Arwen” Best In Show under an Australian Gundog specialist

“Jake” has been consistently winning throughout & is nearing his Aust Ch title with many Gp awards now to his credit

“Josh” in Qld (Jakes litter brother) 2nd in the DOL National Rising Star (Irish Setters)

“Rauri” gaining his Aust Ch title & his litter brother Redmond not far behind.

“Cooper” 2 more BIS to add to his total, but he is back in sunny Qld with his beloved owner until he starts his Autumn campaign to finish

his Graoup


Both “Foggy” & “Libby” Top Dog & Bitch ISCV Inc again for 2011 !!

“Jake” wins Best Puppy @ Melbourne Royal

Super Cooper back in Melbourne for his Summer campaign.

“Cooper” BOB @ Brisbane Royal

Back at the shows after a quite Christmas.

“Riley” wins BCC & RUBOB at 3 big Irish entry pt shows

“Cooper” R/ Up In Group at the first Twilight show for 2011

“Cooper” has again done well with winning Runner Up In Show (All Breeds) at his first show for 2011 !!

“Foggy” wins BOB at our 1st Pt score shows for 2011

“Riley” Fogs daughter also wins BCC & RUBOB to her Sire

“Libby” is resting atm !!

Babes (Coopers & Carinas) are growing like wild fire !

“Cooper” Aust Ch Pendoric Red N’ Ragin : Best In Show at our Irish Setter Specialty !! 2010

“Redmond” Pendoric Rustic Red KA :Minor Puppy In Show at ISCV.

“Cooper” here to be campaigned from Queensland for awhile. We are thrilled but Bronwyn will miss her house companion.

Libby” Aust Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel & “Foggy”Aust Grand & NZ Ch Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric win ISCV Inc Dog & Bitch of the Year award 2010.

“Melvin” Pendoric Foggy Perfection wins 3 Best In Groups in 3 mths.

Melvin has been winning well with 4th & graded Excellent at the World show in Norway & 3 best Exhibit In Groups under Finnish, Swedish & Australian judges !  also siring a large litter to an “Applegrove” bitch which at this stage show great promise. He is showing definite signs of fulfilling his fantastic heritage !! 

“Rauri” Pendoric Red Rauri  wins Baby Puppy In Group (July 2010)

“Riley” Aust Ch Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme wins BOB & R/ Up in Group  under a Gundog Specialist from SA (June 2010) her Sire “Foggy” was RUBOB !

Back after a short break, Riley, Libby, Melvin (Sweden)  Foggy & new Baby Redmond all have some great wins !!

Our dogs have had some nice wins recently with the most recent last WE with the Father & daughter team (Fog & Riley) taking the Breed both days & Riley going onto  Runner Up In Group & Aust Bred In Group !
The Debut of Redmond aka “Pendoric Rustic Red KA was also a great thrill with the great result of BABY PUPPY IN ALL BREEDS SHOW. (Redmond is from BISS BIS Ch Eireannmada Rusticana & Ch Pendoric Red Angel )
“Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel “Libby” is nearing her Grand Ch title & she is only 4 years “young” She has been a consistent BCC winner since she started her show career at 12 mths old.
“Melvin” Pendoric Foggy Perfection became Estonia winner (Is already Nordic winner ’09 )  with a Group 1st & the CACIB. Melvin & Riley are Progeny of Foggy & Carina (BISS & Multiple Royal CC’s ) Ch Pendoric Fire Anythyme )

BEST IN Specialty Show :NSW

for “Foggy” 03/04/10

Aust Grand & NZ Ch Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric was Best In Specialty show at the Irish Setter Association of New South Wales. (Mrs G Barker-Bell)  (UK)

This win was one better than last year when he was Runner Up In Show under M/s L Graham (USA)

His daughter “Riley” Aust Ch Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme was also Intermediate In Show


Libby now has 3 Best In Group Wins in 3 weeks.

Libby” was BIG at Yarra Glen, Eltham & then Sovereign City shows with all 3 Judges being Gundog Specialists. !! her half brother “Foggy” has been taking back seat with DCC & RUBOB !!

A great start to 2010 for “LIBBY” with a BIG

Libby” Aust Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel was Best Exhibit in Group

at Yarra Glen Ch Sh on 14/03/10 under Gundog & Golden Retriever Specialist Mrs J Pearson 

“Fog” was DCC & RUBOB & Riley RBC & Inter In Group

Another R/Up in Group for “Foggy”

At the Classic Dog Show 6/2/10 Aust Grand & NZ Ch Setterlands Tamburello (Imp NZ) was DCC,BOB & Runner Up In Group. A hot very windy day which the dogs loved !

“Runner Up In Group” for Fog & “Intermediate In Show “for “Riley”, what a good start for 2010. Libby (BCC & RUBOB) & “Riley” also won the BCCs at 2 of the first 3 shows we have attended for 2010 under International Judges from Canada, Ireland & Germany.


Runner Up In Group ” for “Fog” at our last show for 2009 cements his position as Top Irish Setter in Australia both in the All Breeds System & the Best Of Breed System.

This is the 2nd time Foggy has won this award & he will now have a well deserved rest .
“Riley’ his daughter was BCC & “Libby” his sister was RBCon  28/12/09 at Lancefield Kennel Club
“Best Exhibit In Group“again for “Foggy’ on 20/12/09
The year has nearly ended for us show wise & all the kids have done well.
News from Sweden:
“Melvin’ won his 2nd CACIB in Finland & 3rd CAC last week-end & was also Nordic Winner…… well done Jessica, Mattias & melvin.
Show News :
2 Runner Up In Group (2) for “Fog ” & “Riley”on 5/6 /12/09
Just the girls shown on the 5th.
“Riley” was BOB & Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group, Libby RUBOB.On the 6th,
“Fog” wasBOB & Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group & his daughter “Riley” was BCC & RUBOB which gave her her       Champion title. !!!!
Good WE away in Albury 28/29/11
Baby “Pele” won Baby Puppy In Group, Libby BOB & Foggy was RUBOB on the Saturday
“Riley” was Best Exhibit & Intermediate In Group on the Sunday beating her father “Foggy” initially for the breed.
Runner Up In Show No 6 for “Foggy”
22/11/09 in the rain , true “Kiwi” weather that suited the Fog to a tee. he was awarded R/Up in Show at Ballarat.
Baby “Pele” won Baby Puppy In Group, Riley Intermediate In group & Libby was BCC & RUBOB to Foggy. A nice winning day for Pendoric.
BOB,DCC & Runner Up In Group (2)today for Foggy15/11/09
Nice win again for Fog today. Riley a class win, Libby & Ruby also. Libby RBC.Quite warm weather now as the season marches on into summer.
BOB again for “Fogarty”
“Fog” was BOB at both Victorian Womens Dog Club & Sunbury Canine Club on 2/11/09 & again 3/11/09. the judges were from the UK & were Gundog / Specialists & the entry was over 52 dogs.
Baby Pele..had his show debut.. Pendoric Playn Wiv Pele was 3rd in a large BP class.
Best In Show” at Victorian Gundog Show for “Foggy”
31/10/09 Aust Grand & NZ Ch Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric (Imp NZ) went BIS yet again but this time it was a Gundog /Sporting Specialty. Over 448 dog entry it was a lovely win under a Canadian for the Breed & an Englishman for the Show. Riley & Ruby were class winners & Libby was 2nd in an Irish entry of over 48 dogs.
No shows for us this WE but “Ruby” Aust Ch Pendoric Red Angel  kept the Pendoric flag flying winning BOB & Runner Up in Group at Kyabram AH & P Society Inc……… well done “Ruby” & John. !!
“Libby” Aust Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel  won another Best Exhibit in Group 1st yesterday at Bacchus Marsh show. Her half brother Fog was RUBOB & “Riley” was RBC. You go girl !!
Another Runner Up In Show for “Foggy”
Today 04/10/09  at the Yarrawonga /Mulwala show “Foggy” Aust Grand Ch  & NZ Ch Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric (Imp NZ)  was awarded Best In Group & his 5th RUNNER UP IN ALL BREEDS SHOW. Gen Spec Judge was Gundog Specialist Mr G Doyle (New Zealand) While his young daughter “Riley” Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme was BCC & RUBOB & auntie “Libby” Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel  was RBC .
News From New Zealand !
Congratulations to NZ Ch Setterlands Red Teddy Bear
“Teddy” who is Foggys litter brother went BOB at the Eukanuba National Show today. Well done to Jill & Lesley.
“Foggy” DCC, BOB & Runner Up In Group at Kyneton Show yesterday 27/09/09.
“Ruby” BCC & RUBOB, “Riley” 1st in Intermediate class & “Libby” RBC to her sister.
Melvin” Pendoric Foggy Perfection went BIG 7 & won his first CAC & CACIB at an International Show “Eckero” in Finland last week-end.
Well done Mattias & Jessica !!
“Carina ” wins at yet another “Royal”
September 09
“BISS Ch Pendoric Fire Anythyme”
Carina was Bitch Challenge for the 3rd consecutive year at the MELBOURNE ROYAL show. Her daughter Riley (Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme) won Intermediate Bitch & “Ruby” (Ch Pendoric Red Angel ) won Australian Bred bitch. An “Alex” daughter was RBC. Talk about keeping it in the family. the DCC winner & BOB was an “Alex” grandson on both sides of his pedigree.
Carina was Bitch Challenge & BEST OF BREED at the Royal Adelaide Show this year. This was her fourth Adelaide Royal Challenge 2005/ ( 2006 she had puppies so didn’t go !) 2007 /2008 /2009 & BOB. “Libby”(Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel)  won the Australian Bred class & “Riley” won her Intermediate class.
News from Sweden Aug 09: “Melvin” had a most succesful week-end winning classes both days & being 4th Best Dog in Show



“Riley” Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme BCC & BOB & Intermediate in Group at Yea & Dist Kennel Club 05/09/09
“Foggy” BOB at Sale/Maffra Kennel Club Inc 30/08/09
“Libby” BCC & RUBOB to “Foggy” at Sale/Maffra Kennel Club 30/08/09
“Libby” BOB & Runner Up Exhibit In Group (Gp 2 ) at Macalister K & O Club Inc .DCC & RUBOB to “Foggy” 28/08/09 
“Libby” BOB & another Best Exhibit In Group (Gp 1st ) at the Lillydale Pot O Gold Show 15/08/09
“Foggy” BOB & Best Exhibit In Group (Gp 1st ) at Werribee-Barwon CC Inc “Libby”. BCC & RUBOB to her half brother “Foggy”….09/08/09
“Foggy” BOB at LKA on 08/09/09
“Ruby” BOB & Aust Bred in Group at Greensborough & Dist KC….. 02/08/09
“Foggy” DCC & RUBOB at Metropolitan Canine Association…. 01/08/09
“Foggy” BOB & Best Exhibit in Group (Gp 1st ) at Heidelberg & Dist ….25/07/09
” Libby ” BCC & RUBOB at Dandenong P & KC —–19/07/09
“Libby” BOB at Junior Kennel Club.—–11/07/09
“Ruby” BOB & Aust Bred in Grp at Shepparton & Dist.—- 05.07.09
“Carina” on one of her rare outings on the July 4th week-end was BCC & BOB under Irish Setter ex breeder specialist Mrs D Marshall (NSW) “Foggy” was DCC & RUBOB. “Libby”RBC & Aust Bred in Grp.

“Libby” Aust Ch Pendoric Perfect Angel won her first Group 1st in the Sporting / Gundog Group last week-end (June 20th 09) She has done some super Specialty winning before this All Breeds win
But at just 3 years of age she is starting to come into her own against her more mature half brother “Foggy”. Oozing elegance, type & attitude she will be a young lady to watch. !

News from Sweden : “Melvin” Pendoric Foggy Perfection is doing well with class wins & 5th Best Dog at his last outing.


News from the USA :” Libby” Amer Ch Pendoric Time Afterthyme had puppies to “Dante” Amer/Can Ch Windwood Inferno in July, 09. Dante was Best of Opp at the prestigious Westminster Show & AOM at the recent ISC of Amer National.

Unfortunately no puppies here at Pendoric at this time but we intend to mate “Libby” RUSS Aust Grand C Pendoric Perfect Angel
& “Riley” Aust Ch Pendoric Playn Wiv Thyme as soon as is possible.!!!!
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